Emily & Toby’s wedding Boyd Baker House

This was such an amazing day. We had met Emily and Toby on many occasions prior to the wedding and not only was it easy to see how much they cared about one another, but they were an absolute joy to be around. Their friends and family were no different, they made us feel incredibly welcomed and frequently like we were guests at the wedding. Boyd Baker House is an amazing venue, that is both picturesque and functional.

One of our favourite moments was when the band was wrapping up.  One of the guests quickly ran up to the microphone, grabbed it, and sang “stop, collaborate and listen”.  The band had no idea he was about to do it, but no sooner than the first line had escaped his lips, they jumped in with the beat and the bass line. He then completely rocked the room with Ice, Ice, Baby. One of the greatest impromptu moments that it has been our pleasure to witness.